FEAR NO MORE is a project I made for the SIXR VR Film Challenge. This project was inspired in part by this article from NPR: “When Choirs Sing Many Hearts Beat at As One”, which references a study done that shows how singers heartbeats become synchronized almost immediately after beginning a song.  What would happen if all those voices and synchronized heartbeats were all singing directly at you? This is the result.

Featuring Seattle Pro Musica singing “Fear No More”, a song based off of the lyrics from Shakespeare’s Cymbeline.


CREW: Adriana Guiman Vivian Hua Agnius Narkevicius Rachael Ross

THANKS TO: Brain and Jeffrey from 3Dio, Andrew McCormick, Budi Mulyo, David Duran for their help in post production, Karen Thomas and the Seattle Pro Musica Choir, Father Magnano and everyone at Christ Our Church Seattle, Pacific Science Center, SIXR, Special thanks to Dr. James Savage