A Brief History of Time Travel

A documentary exploring the history, pop culture and connection between time travel and us. 




A BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME TRAVEL is the biography of an idea, chasing time travel from ancient India to the streets of Los Angeles. For people of all ages and backgrounds—especially science fiction enthusiasts, and anyone who aches to experience a different time—it is an odyssey through one’s own imagination and a discovery of kindred spirits.

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This is Where It All Begins

I became absorbed with the idea of time travel when I watched La Jetée for the first time. La Jetée (1962) is a 30 minute featurette directed by Chris Marker. Comprised of a series of black and white stills with narration, it tells a post apocalyptic story of a man being sent to different eras in order to rescue the present, and an image engrained in his mind, a memory when he was a child, that haunts him.

Time travel was something that was a fun, adventurous thing in books and movies, but Chris Marker’s version brought up ideas that were just mind blowing to me- bringing up ideas of time, memory and mortality in beautiful, stark imagery- and I was drawn to the whole idea of time and time travel. Doing a documentary on time travel was the perfect excuse to jump wholeheartedly into a topic.

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  • A Brief History of Time Travel
  • A Brief History of Time Travel
  • A Brief History of Time Travel
  • A Brief History of Time Travel
  • A Brief History of Time Travel

We were so lucky to meet such a wide range of people for the documentary, all who have been inspired or interested in time travel one way or another. We have over some 40 plus interviews, among them include computer scientists, cryonicists, game designers, museum curators, and people just like you. 

In Fall 2014 we ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to help start our post production process. With over 400 backers and over $40,000 raised, we were a Staff Pick and Kickstarter Project of the Day and received countless press including articles in GeekwireVenturebeatThe Daily Dot, and much more. 






Stay Updated 

Right now we’re in the middle of post production. That means while everything is shot, we’re still busy in the editing room doing one of these things: animation, coloring, sound design, music, archival research, narration, and much more. If you’d like to stay updated with the progress of the film, please subscribe to our newsletter.