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    SIXR Film Challenge: A Music Experience | Part Two

    This is a continuation from last week’s article. If you want to read more about the production process, click here. So quick recap, the SIXR Cinematic VR Challenge is basically like a 48 hour film challenge where you have 2 days to complete a project. By Saturday evening I had shot everything and was ready […]

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    SIXR Film Challenge: A Music Experience | Part One

    There was a lot of information so I thought I would break this article down into two blog posts. Come back next week to read part 2!  A few weeks ago I was able to participate in the SIXR Cinematic VR Challenge. It’s basically like a hackathon, where the goal was to produce an immersive experimental […]

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    3 Social Media Tools to Help Indie Filmmakers

    Every time I log onto Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or whatever social media platform that’s popular at the moment, I get this sinking feeling of dread like I’m about to open Pandora’s Box. Except instead of unleashing a bunch of monsters into the world, I’m infinitely scrolling down a million voices onto my computer screen. […]

  • Featured in City Arts!

    A Brief History of Time Travel is featured in the April Issue of City Arts Magazine! You can check it out here.