SIXR Film Challenge: A Music Experience | Part Two

This is a continuation from last week’s article. If you want to read more about the production process, click here.

So quick recap, the SIXR Cinematic VR Challenge is basically like a 48 hour film challenge where you have 2 days to complete a project. By Saturday evening I had shot everything and was ready to move to the editing phase. 

Post-Production Process 

There’s many plugins and software out there, but this is the workflow that I ended up using. 

  1. Import footage into HumanEyes for stitching (this is the software that comes with the Vuze+)
  2. Import .wav files into Reaper to convert the recording correctly into a 4-channel ambisonic audio file (3Dio now has a plugin that will help you do this.)
  3. Sync everything up using PluralEyes from Red Giant. 
  4. Import still into Photoshop to erase the tripod, fix any stitching issues.
  5. Import footage and audio into Premiere to finish editing.
  6. Export final. 

This was my first time using both types of equipment, so there might be a more streamlined workflow. 


I definitely would like to do more tests on this in the future, but Youtube seems to be the only platform out there so far that supports both stereoscopic video and spatial audio. Vimeo supports stereoscopic (but no spatial audio) and Facebook supports spatial audio (but no stereoscopic footage- it will just automatically convert your video file into monoscopic instead).

If I could go about things differently:

  • Since there are 4 pairs of ears on the 3Dio, remember to mark the audio correctly when you’re shooting with your 360 camera so you have an easier time syncing everything up in post. It definitely took me some time to figure everything out while I was editing. 

Overall, was the SIXR Cinematic VR Challenge was a great experience and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to try out all of this new technology. 

Leave a comment- I’d love to know what sort of equipment you like using and what your workflow is like for shooting in 360.