3 Social Media Tools to Help Indie Filmmakers

Every time I log onto Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or whatever social media platform that’s popular at the moment, I get this sinking feeling of dread like I’m about to open Pandora’s Box. Except instead of unleashing a bunch of monsters into the world, I’m infinitely scrolling down a million voices onto my computer screen. I get so overwhelmed with social media!

While it’s important because it’s such an excellent form of communication and way to interact with your followers, it can also be a huge discretion and time waster. With constant updates, and infinite comments, it’s ridiculously easy to go down that rabbit hole and before you know it, you’ve wasted hours of your day. That being said, as an indie filmmaker, it falls on me to manage the social media profiles for my documentary, A Brief History of Time Travel. I’m by no means a social media expert, but I thought I would share some of the tools that have helped me maximize my time.

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1. Adobe Spark

Streamline your shareable media

I use Adobe Spark to create sharable media. It’s ridiculously to take stills from my film and turn them into quotes. They also released an update a couple of months ago where you can manage your “brand”. I like this feature immensely because it basically makes all your posts look streamlined. You can choose colors, fonts, and logos that will appear in every post you make. The only downside I found is that there’s a limited amount of fonts to choose from.

Resize your images for different social media platforms with ease

Another thing that I love about Adobe Spark is how easy it is to resize your images if you plan on posting on multiple platforms (and you should!). With a click of a button, I can resize my image that I made for instagram, for twitter or facebook and I don’t have to worry if it’s cropped or wrong. Adobe Spark takes care of that.

2. Hootsuite

Aggregate your Interactions, Organize your communication

I like using Hootsuite for interacting with people. It can be a little confusing when you start out just because there’s so many different tools and tabs, but it allows you to really customize what’s important to you and what information you’d like to see. Once you get the hang of it it’s a really brilliant tool. You can see who’s mentioning you, you can track the activity or your followers, but my favorite tool in Hootsuite is the ability to track a certain keyword or list on twitter, which can be incredibly useful if you’re want to track updates from your list of interviewers for example, or track terms related to time travel.

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3. Buffer

Simple and easy to scheduler

I’ve experimented other social media schedulers, and I personally like Buffer the best because it’s very streamlined and clear. What I love about Buffer is that it aggregates all of your social media platforms so you don’t have to log onto your facebook page, then have another tab open for your facebook profile, twitter page, etc. and get sucked into all the other noise out there. You can direct all your focus on posting and scheduling ahead for the whole month.

Buffer also offer statistics and a way to find relevant information for reposts which I find useful.

Leave a comment and let me know what social media tools have helped you. In the meantime, I’ll keep you updated on what I’m learning in the social media process. Thanks!